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The advantages of Extreme Digital, visions and stories.
Extreme Digital is a Hungarian owned, Hungarian based technical department store, which was started by two young Hungarian contractor in 2001. Besides the online department store, we have the wide service in 13 stores in Hungary. We have been in 6 other countries besides Hungary since 2001: Slovakia (2010), Czech Republic (2010), Romania (2011), Croatia (2013), Slovenia (2015), Bulgaria (2015).

According to the GKI Digital research Extreme Digital is the biggest online trading in Hungary. Extreme Digital won e-Top list 1st prize in online sales, beating Media Markt and Tesco.

"Our company gained 25 billion price incomes in 2014, the secret of our outstanding result is the continuous development, and our hybrid – in addition to the strong online presence there are traditional stores and show rooms – business model. We have been developing consciously the function of our online store for ages, which is essential to keep the competition, because in the last one and a half year a lot of new-comer customers are using tablet and smartphones. "We reached huge steps in logistics fields as well in order to get along our products to our customers in the shortest time we can" – said Várkonyi Balázs, our executive director.
We, in Extreme Digital, are working day-by-day to provide an online shopping experience, that You, dear customer, will always get fast and comfortable what you want all over the world! We serve your needs with our wide product offers, paying – and shipping options, so you can be sure: that you made a good choice.
Our technical and photo products' selection has expanded with numerous product category by now. We strive for to ensure our customers with the best possible conditions and the most convenient services with our continuously growing offer. Besides our classical technical products (TV&entertainment, notebook&IT, tablet&smartphone, photo&video), it's important to us to make available the brand new and interesting home and office appliances in the shortest time. That's why we work hard to make available our well-developed logistics services and giant inventory in the whole country.
We always would like to give you more than what you expected. You can browse or shop simple and easily on our website around the world. We are continuously striving for that you could feel yourself satisfied – you could get more than you expected and to be satisfied after your shopping. It's for You. The brand new stuff and widgets will appear immediately in our product range and our steadily growing product portfolio hold something new for you day by day!
Our goal is to be the first and the most convenient choice for our online customers. We would like to be the smart solution with our continuous portfolio growing, developing and promotions, if you would need anything in your household! We are working from Hungary to Bulgaria that You, dear customer, can easily and comfortable get, what you need!

To inquire about our products or place orders, please send your e-mail to our English speaking colleagues to [email protected] or contact our operator: call 00-36-1-452-0090 and press the button 9.
We hope we could help you with our services.

Best Regards,

The Extreme Digital Team
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